Burglar Alarms


Burglar Alarms

Let us help you protect your business, your home, your family and your possessions with our range of home and commercial alarm systems.

Each system is designed for you following a site survey taking into account your wishes, the needs of the insurance companies and Police, if applicable.

Our modern alarms range from wired, wireless and a hybrid mixture of both to suit your application – no more pulling up carpets and floor boards.

Your new alarm can then, depending on your needs be:

Audible: If the alarm activates the sirens sound.

Speech/text dialler alert: Alarm bells ring and then users will receive a speech or text message letting them know.

Push notifications: The modern way. You will get a push notification saying when and where the alarm activated.

Monitored for Keyholder response: Connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre 24/7. They will then call your keyholders if/when you have an alert.

Monitored for Police Response: Same as with Keyholder response except the Alarm Receiving Centre will call the Police too.

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